Hello - my name is László, this is a workbook of my current projects.

Presently, that translates to setting up this site - building it's slim org-mode based publishing pipeline; discovering that it just might be the best cms.

From a pragmatic perspective, I implement and architect web based applications and interfaces - ux/front-end/back-end/linux. I consider programming to be a craft one can really enjoy; my curiosity is communicating intent between domains of logic, ie. interactions, if not interfaces.

Most of my life I've lived in Toronto, was born in Budapest. Am currently open to new engagements.

hello at bald dot cat

practical experience

Chronologically, my latest projects are slimhtml and posthtml, they were built during the development of this site - are tools for clean HTML output directly from emacs' org-mode. Previously, I was the Lead Developer and architect of a hybrid Javascript application framework and template named spore, implemented for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as News and Sports. There, I also built AVEmbed, a means to embed video and audio throughout most of CBC's online properties; a Javascript widget to coordinate multiple backend API's. Started as part of the team working on the Sports Stats refresh project that earned the President's Award; we were building the front end templates and interactive elements.

Ran my own small business with a focus on web development services; custom Content Management Systems, marketing campaigns, Flash animations, Javascript components, CSS interfaces, small to large web sites. In the case of Last Minute Training, the project consisted of the front-end design and implementation of a (JSON and HTML template based) course listing interface for visitors, an environment for clients, and a product management section for service providers. My toolsets at the time consisted of Dojo, YUI3, Zend Framework and Sinatra - preferred individually customized solutions.

Left to my own devices, I prefer to work with open-source, vanilla, plain-text methodologies - am fairly framework and/or language agnostic. I am attracted by the precision of some older tools from a self-taught perspective; one of the things I'm most thankful for is lisp - the family of languages, patterns of logic, environment.